Customer Surveys.
Designed to Generate Revenue.

Redefining Customer Surveys.

Surveys with automated actions lower your churn by 20% and boost customer referrals by 50%
โ€“ย entirely automated.


Customer Surveys.

With Businessportal Surveys, you can identify dissatisfied customers and prevent them from departing, pinpoint your most content customers, and leverage them to generate leads for your business, on autopilot.

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All the features you need

Start in just 5 minutes. Stay for a lifetime. Businessportal will continuously serve as your dedicated customer success engine, day after day.

Reduce Churnโ€‹

Trigger an alert when a customer is dissatisfied.

Recieve Leads

Prompt satisfied customers for a referral at the opportune moment.

Recieve Online Reviews

Request satisfied customers to leave a review on platforms like Google, Trustpilot, and more.

Smart Pulses

Customer Surveys dispatched as brief pulses to your customers.

Automated Actions

Initiate actions based on customer satisfaction levels.

One Click Setup

Begin in just 5 minutes with Businessportal's intuitive onboarding process.

SMS Pulses

Boost response rates using our SMS engine.

Businessportal Alerts

Receive alerts when a customer responds to a specific action.

Customer Insights

Receive invaluable feedback and comments from your customers.

Insights Scroll

Browse through your customers and filter based on satisfaction levels.

Internal Notes

Record both your manual and automated actions taken on customers.

Satisfaction Score

Monitor your overall satisfaction score over time.

Data Security

All data is stored in compliance with GDPR.

24/7 Technical Support

Recieve help from our helpdesk 24/7.

Multiple Team members

Provide your entire team with comprehensive customer insights.

Automated actions.
Revenue on autopilot.

Upload your contacts and set up predefined actions based on customer satisfaction.

Once configured, sit back and relax as Businessportal conducts surveys and automates actions, tailored to customer responses.