We πŸ’™ tools without the clutter.

Boosting a company’s revenue becomes more straightforward when sales reps spend less time on administrative tasks and more on meetings.

Additionally, by reducing churn and enhancing customer referrals, achieving 10x growth is truly possible.

Businessportal is precisely designed to empower companies to do just that.

Our Mission

Businessportal was founded by experienced entrepreneurs who have firsthand experience in the challenges of the business world. We understand the complexities and the multitude of details that require constant attention.

Coming from a sales background, we recognize the critical nature of the quote creation process. After trying various tools and finding them too complicated, we developed our own user-friendly solution, now known as Businessportal Quotes.

We’ve noticed that many companies tend to undervalue the importance of customer surveys. Often, even when feedback is collected, it’s not always acted upon. This insight spurred the development of Businessportal Survey, aimed at addressing these gaps.

The essence of Businessportal is to create streamlined software that helps you save time and boost your company’s growth, all without unnecessary clutter.

Our Values

Businessportal, both as a company and a platform, is built with a focus on eliminating clutter and concentrating on elements that add value. We understand the importance of saying no to certain aspects in order to maintain our focus on our core objectives.

Obsessed with Happieness

Businessportal is built with a focus on happiness across all facets of our company, from our staff to our customers.

Obsessed with Growth

We aim to achieve growth for both our customers and Businessportal as a company.

Obsessed with Customers

We've developed our platform to aid our customers in achieving business success. Our customers are the reason we exist.

Our Team

Businessportal was founded by seasoned entrepreneurs from the tech and marketing sectors, possessing extensive expertise in growth and customer success.

Mikke Selander

Founder & CEO/CPO

Magnus Hermansson

Customer Success Manager

Geoffrey Taylor

Art Director

Sebastian Chiid

Sales Representative

Zurveya has been a transformative tool for our business. Truthfully, we never found the time to conduct and act on customer surveys. However, with Businessportal, we automated the entire process in just 5 minutes.

Christian Petersson

CEO at CJ Tech